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The Spectrum of Care
We are a wellness and diagnostic facility.  We are able to perform most medical diagnostics and procedures here in our hospital.  This doesn't mean, at least to us, that every single patient needs to have it done.  For the past 25 years we have tried to be practical... balancing good medicine and financial wisdom.  Today they have a term for this type of thought process.  SPECTRUM OF CARE !



We don't think that every single dog that comes in for coughing (as an example) for the FIRST TIME needs $500 worth of blood work and x-rays and full ultrasound exam.  Sometimes they do and we are very capable and willing to perform those things, but many do not need those diagnostics the first time they are presented for a problem.  We always try to balance the medical need with the principles of financial wisdom. 


 Now if you want to start on the end of the spectrum that has us perform every diagnostic test at our disposal and don't mind spending the money, then we are perfectly willing and capable of doing them.  If you are coming for a second opinion, then we are likely going to suggest the diagnostics since an attempt to be conservative has already been tried.  Click HERE for common pricing on full workups.  


WE ARE NOT HERE FOR A MONEY GRAB.  We are here to help your pet.  Many times we can treat the pet based on the symptoms, history, and my many years of experience alone.  When that doesn't work, THEN it's time to get aggressive in pursuing the further diagnostic pathways.  We will always use the "spectrum of care" philosophy. 


This is our philosophy.  It's probably not the best business model as we could make MUCH MORE money by doing it the other way, but we feel it is the right way to treat people.  Why spend $500 when $100 may do the same?  Anyway, this is us. 

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