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Sometimes a client may not be satisfied with their products or services received at County Seat Animal Hospital  When this happens, we all need to try and resolve this conflict as soon as possible. To do so we need to follow some specific guidelines to help up satisfy our client:

• Communicate with the Client

On the phone or in person, find out the specific problem. For example, did we not fulfill an expectation? Was the product we sold not satisfactory? Did any member of our staff say or do something they should not have toward the client or patient?

• Report the Problem

The issue should be reported immediately before the client leaves or hangs up the phone  The manager and owner will always want to be fully aware of our clients' needs. If need be, the owner or manager can be present during initial communication to minimize conflict resolution'wait time. If you know the client is unhappy, let someone know. We never want to leave a client dissatisfied with anything we do here. Anything less is purely unacceptable.

• Meet the Client's needs

After we know what the problem is, reported it to the manager/owner, then it is time to make it right. The manager/owner will give instructions in order to fulfill the client's expectations. This could range from a simple apology to discounted goods and/or services. Remember that we are sincerely trying to make the problem right so make sure you act in the appropriate manner. Always thank the client for their patience and give an appropriate apology.


Only the manager or owner is allowed to make monetary decisions concerning a conflict. Any deviation from this will result in a reprimand and a monetary withholding for the unauthorized discount amount from the employee's paycheck.


You may encounter an IRATE client. This is someone who will not communicate with you on any level. This person may even become verbally or physically violent. Upon any instance such as this, you are instructed to immediately report to the owner and inform him of the situation. The owner will handle any client conflict that involves and irate client or any form of abuse towards a team member.

There may be an instance, though rare, where the manager or the owner are not on the premises. When this occurs, communicate with the client as best you can and call either the manager or the owner. They will communicate with the client via the team member or by phone directly.

If you encounter and IRATE client during this time over the phone, you are to get their number and have the manager or owner call them back immediately to resolve the conflict. If the IRATE client is being verbally abusive, call the manager or owner to talk to the client. If the IRATE client becomes physically abusive you are instructed to immediately call 911.

Any conflict concerning monetary matters vs. patient care will be handled by the owner. All team members are instructed to treat this as any conflict with communication, reporting, and meeting the clients' needs.


All employees are expected to adhere to the following protocol referring to appearance and hygiene.


Veterinarians:     Workplace casual attire No open toed shoes White coat optional Logo apparel encouraged

Manager: Workplace casual attire

Logo apparel encouraged No open toed shoes

Technicians:       Scrubs (any brand/style appropriate) No open toed shoes Logo apparel encouraged

All employees must wear size appropriate clothing. Anything too constricting to the body or too big to stay in place is prohibited. Any deviation from this will result in the dismissal of the employee for the rest of the day without pay.

Newly hired technicians will receive one pair of scrubs at the cost of County Seat Animal Hospital. All other work attire is the sole responsibility of the employee.


Hair: Should be worn in a neat and clean in a manner that does not interfere with patient care or client services.

Nails: Should be clean and length appropriate in a manner that does not interfere with patient care or client services. Nail polish is not prohibited, however clear polish only is encouraged.

Facial Hair: Should be worn in a neat and clean manner that does not interfere with patient care or client services.

Make-up: Should be applied tastefully whereas not to cause a distraction in any aspect of the hospital.







All jewelry permitted should not interfere with patient care or client services. Employees are to wear jewelry at their own risk. County Seat Animal Hospital will not be responsible for damage to any jewelry during patient care or client services.

Visible piercings are only allowed in the ears. No facial piercing permitted. Any deviation from this protocol will result in the dismissal of the employee for the rest of the day without pay. The employee will be allowed back at work once the inappropriate piercings have been removed.


Visible tattoos are not permitted unless previously approved by Dr. Pattberg.

 Appropriate coverings (sleeves, pants, turtlenecks, etc.) should
be worn to cover any visible tattoos. Failure to comply will result in the employee being sent

home for the remainder of the day without pay.

HALLOWEEN! is the exception to this rule. Dress up and be creative. We do recommend that your costume not interfere with patient care or client services.

Any employee who fails to comply with these guidelines will be reprimanded accrodingly. 1st offense - sent home for the remainder of the day without pay 2nd offense - sent home for three working days without pay 3rd offense - termination

It is the responsibility of the office manager to make sure that all employees comply with these guidelines. Any comments or concerns should be addressed to the manager.

Professional Conduct

County Seat Animal Hospital encourages professional conduct to promote a pleasant work environment, provide quality health care, and attract and retain quality team members. When the entire practice team exhibits professionalism in its conduct, individual actions are based upon an agreed-upon code of conduct. This helps prevent interpersonal friction from developing and presents a positive public image.

All employees, regardless of job description, will adhere to a strict code of professionalism. Their

conduct will be reinforced by the office manager.

All clients and fellow employees will be treated with respect in any and all situations.

All patients, living or deceased, will be treated with respect in any and all situations.

Employee personal matters should not interfere with any function at our practice.

All written communication will be spelled correctly and provide proper grammar.

Nothing will be said about fellow practice team members that you would not want to be heard about


All offensive discussion topics are strictly prohibited: religion, racism, intolerance, innuendo

All practice team members will speak in a calm, quiet, and sincere tone.

All team members will dress and behave in a manner that displays top notch care and service.

Disparaging remarks about other clinics, their staff, or their level of service is highly frowned upon

behind closed doors of the clinic. Also, this activity is forbidden in front of or within earshot of client.

The office manager will keep any complaint about an employee in their personal file. These complaints will never be seen or discussed with any other practice team member.

Client and Patient Interaction


The County Seat Animal Hospital has in place philosophies and protocols to ensure that the entire practice team is educated and able to interact with clients and their pets. This will help ensure an optimum client trust and perception of value.

All practice team members (including salaried management and veterinarians) are responsible for the timely and polite greeting of all clients that enter the clinic. A client should never have to wait very long for their services. Whether they are checking in or checking out, their service needs to be most prompt and pleasant.

Clients and their pets should not have to wait long in the waiting rooms for the attending veterinarian. If the doctor will be more than five minutes, inform the client of the estimated wait time and let them know that you have not forgotten about them. If the wait time is extended, check on them every five minutes and
offer some reading materials and a glass of water for the client and their pet.

Any client dropping off their pet for services should be greeted promptly and pleasant. Each client should get the chance to ask any and all questions that they may have before leaving their beloved pet in our care. Be courteous and find out answers for them. Never tell a client that you don't have the answer and not go find out. That behavior is forbidden. Also, take down the appropriate phone numbers of where the client will be during the day so we may contact them for any reason (ex: home, cell, work,etc).


A client checking out may ask for an extension on their bill. At County Seat Animal Hospital, it is required that all fees are paid at time of service. If this cannot be done, then you will need to inform the client that they need to make arrangement with the veterinarian for a payment plan. After all, it is his money. All forms of payment are accepted. We take Cash, Credit/Debit, and Check. Sometimes the doctor may even barter services with a local tradesman. This, of course, is at the sole discretion of the owner.

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