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Q. Why are you only open 8-12 when most other vet clinics are open all day???

A. We aren't !  

We see patients until noon, then we perform our surgeries without distractions.
We are not totally driven by money (but we do want to feed our families)  While we know this is inconvenient for some it allows us to do our job better.  We could make a lot more money if we stayed open all day, but we currently think this is the best way to do the best job for you.  Click here for a full answer.
We also only have to pay for only one veterinarian's salary, so we don't have the pressure to have to stay open all day.
Q.  When are you going back to full days?

A.  Short answer... We don't know for sure. 


​ God has shown us that we are actually "better" with these hours.  We are awake, not tired, and seem to do a better job with these office hours.  It has also allowed us to see the same amount of patients as well as spend more time with our families and church.  God is so good !  To those that it is too inconvenient, we sincerely apologize.  When we were staying open till 5:30....  we had people ask why we didn't stay open till 7:00 because it didn't fit their schedules.  We've come to realize that we will never satisfy everyone's schedule.   God has led us to this current schedule and we will listen until He tells us differently. 

Q.  We hear Dr. Pattberg is trying to retire.

A.  Aren't we all ????  I  did just turn 62 this year for goodness sake !   But No.   No immediate plans to retire BUT I'm not going to live for ever either.  So unless someone offers us a really big check.... you are likely stuck with me for a while.
I love what I do.  How long I can keep up this frantic pace is yet to be determined.  So far so good though ! 
We believe this practice is our ministry, and we are relying on God to tell us how to proceed during the next chapter of the practice.  We get to help people every single day.  Colossians 4:17 (NIV)  says “See to it that you complete the ministry you have received in the Lord.”  
Reducing hours doesn't mean working less.  In fact, we are 15% busier than last year.  We just purchased a CT machine.  Who would do that if they were about to retire?  Just because we are locking the door at noon doesn't mean we aren't working.  We usually perform our surgeries and CT scans after the doors are locked at noon.  This gives us un-interrupted  time to perform at our best.

Q. Why are you less expensive than other places?

A. Well... that is really a question for the other places, isn't it?
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