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Hospital Hours :

M-F 8 am - noon  (closed Wednesday)

Alternating Saturdays we are OPEN (Call Us to check)

See Calendar HERE

We are so appreciative of everyone "re-defining normal" with us.

Yet another variant.   This is what viruses do.  This is our new normal.  That being said, we are continuing with the new normal to try to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We do not require masks but you are welcome to wear one.  

Visit Procedure :

1. Come inside and check in.   

2. Get a pager and wait outside ... in your car with the air conditioner (or heater) on... until you are paged for your turn. 

3.  Come inside and you will be directed to a room.


We remain VERY BUSY.  Current wait times are around 45 minutes so bring a book, some good music and a smile.  

God is in control. We do not live with a spirit of fear. That being said, God made us intelligent. We are not afraid of cars but are smart enough to not jump in front of a moving one. This is how we see the coronavirus challenge.


Currently, we will continue the following:  

1.  Our office will only be open  8am - Noon for the foreseeable future.  God continues to provide for us during these limited hours of operation.   We could make a lot more money if we stayed open longer hours!  I hope this is evidence that we are not totally a money driven business. God has shown us that we are actually "better" with these hours.  We are awake, not tired, and seem to do a better job with these office hours.  Truth of the matter is that this gives us time to do our surgeries without interruption after the doors are closed.


2.  We will do our best to limit personal interactions to under 5 minutes.  We will separate people with a combination of physical barriers,  physical distance , and/or masks as best we can.  

3. We ask that when you arrive, check in at the front desk and we will give you a pager and we will page you when it is your turn.   (just like at a restaurant).  We suggest waiting in the air conditioned car during the summer months.

4. We will continue to hyper-clean our facility.

5. We ask that if you are sick to postpone your visit with us.

6.  Please don't bring the entire family for your pet's visit. We know children especially love to go to the vet, but we are trying to protect everyone by limiting the number of people in the building at one time.

7.  If you'd rather... you may call us while in the parking lot and we can tell you when it's clear in the office.

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