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HOSPITAL NAME:  ____County Seat Animal Hospital

Date created or updated: 6-1-18



DE12.2.  The practice utilizes a written protocol for maintaining dental instruments including hand instruments and other dental equipment (e.g., sharpening of the hand instruments, maintenance of the ultrasonic scaler).




Purpose: In order to ensure the cleanliness and performance of dental instruments and equipment, County Seat Animal Hospital follows these guidelines:


Dental technicians are familiar with all dental instruments and equipment, as well as manufacturer’s recommendations for care and maintenance. All instruments are cleaned and sterilized, and inspected for wear and damage after being used, on the day of use. Sharpen tools as needed, or if damage seems excessive discuss with head technician to see if instrument should be sent out for service or replacement. 




Personnel:  Primary Veterinarian or Lead Technician will be responsible for this.

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