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Emergency Policy

We try our best to answer after hours calls, but the honest truth is we cannot answer them all.  With 7000 active clients and 20,000 active patients, we would be called multiple times every single night.  When we are unable to answer the phone, you will be  sent a text message with the number to the Animal Emergency Center in Memphis.  (901-323-4564).  The address is 3767 Summer Ave, Memphis TN.

Consider bringing your pet in immediately if he/she:
• Is having difficulty breathing
• Is having irregular or bloody bowel movements
• Is vomiting (especially with blood)
• Is having trouble urinating or is vocalizing while urinating
• Is bleeding excessively
• Is acting erratically 
or biting at imaginary objects
• Is having a seizure or loss of balance
• Has suffered heatstroke or severe dehydration
• Is visibly in pain or panting heavily
• Has had diarrhea for more than 24 hours straight
• Has eaten/swallowed a foreign object(s)
• Has eaten/swallowed a poisonous substance
• Has suffered serious trauma or injury
• Seems to have lost its sight (sudden blindness)
• Is unconscious
• Has a swollen abdomen that appears painful when touched
• Is experience unusual swelling
• Is pregnant and having difficulty delivering puppies or kittens


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