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We will gladly write you a prescription for the product you desire. We believe that being good stewards of your money is Biblical.  You should be aware of a few things first, however.


Most drug manufactures will consider the drug warranty to be null and void if the product is not purchased through proper veterinary channels. This means if there is product failure... they most likely will not cover it.  Furthermore, purchasing these at a discount pharmacy forces us to raise prices for our services.  Normally the small profit gleaned from drug sales, subsidizes the fees for other services.  The more people that buy from these pharmacies, the more we must raise prices for other services.

Should you still desire to purchase online, the following policy is in place.

1. We will fax all approvable prescription requests to the pharmacy

3. To avoid any potential doctor-patient confidentiality and privacy laws, we will not communicate with the discount house in any form or fashion, other than the fax.

4. It is your responsibility to ensure that the prescription is sent, filled, labeled, shipped, and used correctly. The discount houses have a reputation for poor customer service, and we cannot be expected to take the time to oversee their operations.

5. We will not become involved in any product failure issues for products purchased through these discount houses. This includes flea, heart worm, and intestinal parasite prevention.

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