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We realize that having surgery on your pet can be a STRESSFUL time for you. 

We want to explain a few of our policies to help ease the stress.  
We will not charge more  to do the right thing.  If we think it should be done, then it will be done.  

1. All* surgeries will have  blood work performed to help minimize the risk of unknown problems (That is, as long as pet allows us to get the sample prior to surgery.  Some do not. )

*exception is male cat castration as blood work would cost more than the surgery... if you want it done, let us know
2.  All surgeries that will benefit from Laser will receive it at  no additional cost.  ( If it's best to do it, then we will do it.)   Why would we charge more for it?  Shouldn't we do use the best methods regardless if it is available?  
Why would we make you choose to do something less than the best... if the best is available ?  We won't make you make those choices.
5.  All surgeries will be hospitalized overnight unless the doctor decides otherwise

4. All surgeries will be performed using sterile technique to minimize infection risk.

3.   All surgeries will be monitored with EKG, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry and respirations with anAscill monitor.

6. All surgeries that require pain control will receive it.  

7. Fees for surgery include all of these things so that there are no "surprises" on your bill.

Dr. Pattberg recalls ..."When I had surgeries my doctor didn't ask me if I wanted pre-op blood work, or pain control (for example) ... Didn't ask if I wanted him to use the best equipment.  He knew it was best to do it, and just did it."   You will not be forced to make medical decisions or "refuse" any of the above because of cost... which only makes you feel bad.  This is a stressful time for you since your pet is undergoing anesthesia.

We fully disclose prices for your trust. We know what it is like to go somewhere and be SHOCKED by the price. 
We believe that being a good steward of your money is biblical, and that knowing prices before purchasesis included in that.  We never "up-sell" anything.  Never have, and never will.  That's just how it is.  If you want a detailed quote, just ask..

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