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"You wouldn't go to YOUR doctor to get your hair cut, would you?"


You may ask ...  Why not?  All other vet clinics offer grooming...  We think outside the box here.  While grooming is very important to the well being of the health of your pet, Just as bathing is for us... we have decided to focus all of our attention on the veterinary medical needs of your pet rather than the grooming needs. 

Our opinion is that a veterinary hospital should focus on the veterinary side of things.


We are a wellness and diagnostic facility... Not a hair salon.


We have heard too often of people having their pets groomed a veterinary hospital only to leave their grooming appointment with a large medical bill as well.  We have a different philosophy here.  

                                      We will not use grooming as a vehicle to
                                   generate more veterinary income !  Period .

Bring us your pet for a medical condition and we will treat for a medical condition.

WE DO NOT GROOM ANIMALS.  We will let the groomers do that.  HERE is a list.


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