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What to Expect - We Do Things A Little Differently !

We are so excited that you are coming to see us !

We do things a little different than most veterinary hospitals. 


Because we are an independent, non corporate veterinary hospital ,we can do things the way we think

best suits the most people.

  • Hospital Hours:   Doors are open and we see patients 8:00 am till Noon. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Alternating Saturdays). We do our surgeries after we close the doors at noon.

1.  We don't go by appointments.  We only take walk ins.  This is awesome since many veterinary hospitals have a three week waiting list for their appointments.  Because we don't go by appointment, sometimes the line can get a little long.  This is why we stop taking walk in patients at 11:00.  We are sometimes 50-60 minutes backed up, so we need to stop the line at 11:00 to allow us to close the door on time, so that we can perform our surgeries. 

Please bring patience with your patients !  We are going as quickly as we can.

2. We are here seeing patients till noon.  This allows us to do our surgeries after the doors are closed. 

That's right... we are still working after we close the doors !

3. We use the spectrum of care philosophy (click HERE to read about it)

When you arrive, you will check in and get a pager ( like at a restaurant).  You can wait in your car, or take your pet for a little walk.  We have found that this actually is much more calming to the animals than waiting in a crowded waiting room.

We try to uphold a Christian environment.  I'm sure we don't always succeed, but we try our best.  

HERE is another explanation of our Half Day Schedule

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